The Bird Garden is located at 3203 route 114 in Edgett's Landing, New Brunswick. We manufacture unique bird feeders, houses, iron hangers and among other things make the best peanut butter suet ever.
We also have a stall at the Moncton Market, Westmorland Street, (but we're closest to the Robinson Street entrance), Moncton, New Brunswick, Saturdays from 7 am - 2 pm.

*****Since we can no longer compete with online discount sites like Amazon, we are no longer carrying commercial feeders. For now, we will be concentrating on our unique feeders and accessories, bear with us while we update our website. *****
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Just Add Water

The Bird Garden's exclusive Bird Bath

The bowl is made of hammered aluminum, it won't break in cold weather and never needs refinishing.  It's extremely hard for me to get a picture of this bird bath.  When freshly brushed it's very shiny and the photos always overexpose.  Shown left the bowl on wrought iron stand, right, the stand alone and below,  is the bowl standing up, pointed away from the sun, trying to show the texture.  The stand is 4 feet high, the bowl is 2 feet in diameter.  A great size, perfect for summer and with an added bird bath heater, great for winter too.
(It's much nicer in person)