The Bird Garden is located at 3203 route 114 in Edgett's Landing, New Brunswick. We manufacture unique bird feeders, houses, iron hangers and among other things make the best peanut butter suet ever.
We also have a stall at the Moncton Market, Westmorland Street, (but we're closest to the Robinson Street entrance), Moncton, New Brunswick, Saturdays from 7 am - 2 pm.

*****Since we can no longer compete with online discount sites like Amazon, we are no longer carrying commercial feeders. For now, we will be concentrating on our unique feeders and accessories, bear with us while we update our website. *****
Plug your current location in the google maps at the bottom of each page for driving directions to our two locations.

Buoy Bird House

Our Buoy Bird House isn't the most functional house we make, but it is the most decorative.  Made to size for most small cavity dwellers, we've had reports of Tree Swallow, Chickadee and House Wren using this house.  It does open for cleaning.  Comes in various colours and/or without flower carving.


Lighthouse Bird House

Another decorative house, this one is also quite functional.  You are limited to top of post mounting though.  It's the right size for small cavity dwellers, 1.5 inch hole eliminates Starlings.


Small Bird House 
This plain and simple house is a favourite for Chickadee, Tree Swallow, Eastern Bluebird, Downey Woodpecker, and more.  The 1.5 inch hole excludes Starlings.  Vented, drained and easy to this price you should add a few to your yard. The sale starts now and runs until the middle of May.  Shown are a new house and one that has been out and used, by Chickadee or Tree Swallow in summer and Downey Woodpecker in winter, for over 10 years. And no, the old one isn't for sale.


Small Bird House (Decorated)

Both functional and decorative, this is our most popular "line" of bird houses.  Available in dozens of colour combinations, you can mix and match. Popular for Eastern Bluebird, Black-capped Chickadee and Tree Swallow, over the years customers have sent us pictures of these species in just about every colour combination we make.  (overall 13 x 6 x 6 inches, floor 4 x 4 inches)

The Bird Garden Roosting Box

This is a large roosting box, (Overall 26"x8"x8") In the winter the roosting box will allow a large group of bird to sleep together and share body heat. The hole is on the bottom and, unlike houses, there is no ventilation, the heat produced by the birds rises and it trapped. More popular in areas where the Bluebird overwinters, but they are becoming more popular in New Brunswick.  We also make them in the same colours and designs as our houses and feeders, they make a great center piece for your garden.

The Bird Garden Roosting Box

This decorated roosting box is made the same as our plain one.(Overall 26"x8"x8", see above)  This is a nice large center piece to any garden and the birds like it too.  Available in the same variety of colours as our houses and feeders.


Small Bird House 
This is our economy model, at this price we often sell a dozen at a time.  Great for anyone thinking of starting or adding to a "Bluebird Trail" or just wanting to attract more mosquito eating Tree Swallows.  Chickadees love it too.  The front opens for cleaning and hanging, it extends past the floor making opening easier.  It has all the features of our more expensive houses at a great price.  

Sunflower Mesh Feeder
Made from rough lumber and quarter inch mesh wire.  Holds black-oil sunflower.


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